About us

Croydon Estate is a 132-acre farm located in Catadupa, Montego Bay, St James. Is an unique eco-friendly and family-friendly organic farm and It is also the birthplace of National Hero Sam Sharpe, one of our National Heroes, who gave his life in the fight against slavery.

Mission & Vision

Recognized as one of Jamaica´s premier farm winning the National Champion Award several times, we envision it becoming a leading holistic center in the Caribbean.

We are dedicated to preserving the land and ancestral wisdom, building a stronger Jamaican community by connecting with Mother Earth. Our commitment involve creating a nurturing environment for people for all ages, allowing them to explore the ´Purity of Life´, while engaging in the learning and sharing of holistic healing arts and sustainable living practices through organic farming.

Purity of Life

Purity of Life is a lifestyle a philosophy rooted in simplicity, joy and gratitude. It invites individuals to slow down, savor the present, and find joy in life’s simple pleasures. “POL”, to us, means living sync with nature’s rhythms, embracing the wisdom of traditional healers.

We are in a estate with more than 130acres blessed with thousands of healing herbs, organic foods, clean air and pristine sources of water. 

It offers an idyllic environment for your healing journey.

Our Team

Get ready to meet our Croydon crew, where each member holds a crucial role, contributing significantly to the success of our accomplishments.